Why join a yoga class?
  • Helena Morley

Why join a yoga class?

Are you thinking about joining a yoga class but perhaps are a bit nervous, not sure what to expect or whether it’s for you? Let me share with you that yoga is for everyone!

You do not need to be flexible already or have any experience to start yoga. It will change your life! It changed mine. And joining an online class is a great way to start. Own your power, join yoga!

Coming to a class will give you some me time. You’ll relax, strengthen and listen to your body, calming your mind and nervous system.

Yoga helps you manage your mental health, helping relieve any anxiety or depression symptoms, it really helped me recover from mental health issues. It can be a huge help if you have a stressful job, and workplace yoga can be a benefit for your staff.

Yoga helps you to become aware of your body, your life force and to understand and build your strength, you will sleep and breathe better after yoga.

It will help to increase your stamina and strength, acting as cross training for other sports, relieving aches and tension in muscles.

Through practising yoga, you are empowering yourself by being kind to yourself and looking after yourself, so that you can look after others and spread positive vibrations throughout the universe! My online classes are a great way to start from the comfort of your own home.

Yoga helped me physically and mentally while pregnant and in the postnatal period, its helped me recover from anxiety and depression, avoid injury while running marathon distances and helped me manage a stressful job.

Join me and empower yourself on your own journey.

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