Introduction to crystal healing
  • Helena Morley

Introduction to crystal healing

Working with crystals is one of the easiest ways to shift your energy & improve your wellbeing. Einstein told us that “everything in life is vibration.” Indeed, every part of our physical and energetic bodies vibrate at certain frequencies - and so do crystals. Although sometimes perceived as a ‘woo-woo’ Millennial fad, humans have worked with crystals to incite an energetic change since ancient times - our ancestors intuitively recognised their innate healing power!

Crystals can influence & balance the energy channels within our bodies, leading to an increased sense of peace, emotional balance, spiritual connection & joy. Different crystals can help us with different facets of our lives & resonate with different energetic centres within the body.

Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. The crystals act as conduits for healing, allowing healing energy to flow into the body as lower vibrational energy flows out. A brief list of ways to work with crystals include:

- In Crystal Healing layouts, in which appropriate crystals are often placed on the body in relation to the Chakras

- Wearing crystal jewellery

- Meditating with crystals around you or in your hand(s). Try to sense any vibrations in your dominant hand - be aware of any tingling, heat or emotional reactions. You may be surprised! ⚡️

- Placing crystals in your home in order to increase the flow of positive energy (Top Tip: Citrine will encourage financial abundance, whilst Shungite will keep you grounded & neutralise the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices!)

- Crystal Elixirs - if you are new to crystal healing I would encourage seeking out a pre-prepared crystal water bottle (Note: some crystals dissolve in water & more seriously, others can become toxic!)

- In your yoga practice. Place a crystal on your mat with the intention of connection & healing & let the good vibes FLOW!

Truthfully, Crystal Healing is an art best learnt through research, intuition & practice. Finding what works for you & what doesn’t. When choosing crystals - take note of what you are drawn to & conversely, which you actively dislike! In my experience, sometimes what we resist the most is what is needed for our greater good. Go with your gut. 

It’s helpful to begin your Crystal Healing journey under the guidance of an accredited practitioner as this work can be intense, however we are each our own guru & best healer. I began my career as a Reiki Practitioner & soon discovered that incorporating crystals added a deeper dimension to the sessions when used with knowledge, care & intention.

As I deepened my personal practice & worked on cultivating a relationship with crystals as living, vibrating, energetic forces, I was blown away by the effects of meditating with crystals & even simply wearing them! I carry tumbled stones daily, wear carefully picked crystal jewellery & rarely practice Yoga without a crystal on my mat. I often find that the energies of the crystal I’ve been drawn to  profoundly influence my day.

I’ve compiled a brief ‘Crystal Healing Essentials‘ list, but in truth there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. You are a unique human being with your own specific talents, goals & life experiences - the crystals most beneficial to you will differ. Saying this, work with these crystals to begin with and I feel you won’t go far wrong!

Remember to cleanse the crystals of any resonant energies before & after each use with Sacred Smoke (Palo Santo, Sage, Incense), Sound (ie with a Singing Bowl), Sunlight (Note: not great for every crystal!), Moonlight, or placing in salt water (again, some exceptions to this - water is not every crystal’s friend). You wouldn’t practice yoga on someone else’s unclean mat - cleansing crystals is an integral part of the process!

Try to notice how you feel after working with each piece.

Rose Quartz: ask most people if they have a healing crystal & many will say they have a piece of Rose Quartz tucked away somewhere! Brilliant, as it’s a fantastic crystal that’s nurturing and subtly powerful at the same time. To me, it’s pure LOVE energy & can help us to increase feelings of self-love, compassion for others & balances the heart chakra.

Citrine: A ‘feel better’ crystal. Sunshine in a stone! Encourages feelings of optimism and vitality & pairs well with Tiger’s Eye & Carnelian for a vibrant ‘get up and go’ energy & renewed lust for life. A shot of colour when things are feeling grey.

Black Tourmaline: empaths of the world - this stone is a game changer! Wear it to protect yourself from ‘energy vampires,’ ie from those that drain you emotionally & energetically. It neutralises energetic imbalances & relieves pain.

Blue Lace Agate: Calm, cool & collected - this stone encourages clear expression & calms an overactive mind. Meditate with this stone right before bed for a deep sleep!

Selenite: Opens & expands the Crown chakra, a stone of spiritual development. Liquid light. It does not require cleansing & can be used to cleanse other crystals!

Crystals can aid in detoxification on a profound level, helping us to release energy we unconsciously retain that does not serve our highest good. The results can be transformative, with emotional issues such as anxiety & depression to physical symptoms such as migraines & insomnia being improved significantly. Crystals can help us to heal on a holistic level - mind, body, spirit. If you feel drawn to learn more, honour your instincts - there’s plenty of amazing resources out there!

If you would like to chat about a 1:1 Reiki & Crystal Distance Healing with myself then feel free to reach out.

Enjoy the journey!

With love,





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